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Community Chaplaincy Association

Community Chaplaincies seek to build an embracing community in which ex-prisoners can make a new start ... and contribute towards a healthier society for all.

How we work to our vision

We provide operational support to our Network of local Community Chaplaincies accross the UK. We work in partnership and represent our members strategically at a national level.

Where we work

If you cannot find a CCA member in your area, try the Welcome Directory

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Community Chaplaincies are independent faith based organisations

We are Stronger Together

We invite you to join Community Chaplaincy Association

We provide operational support to our network of local Community Chaplaincies across the UK. We all gain from sharing our experiences.

In the spotlight...


Abdul's Story

This was Abdul’s second time in prison within a year. He was desperate not to come back the first time around, but he made a series of choices that landed him back inside.

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult journey.