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Abdul's Story

Abdul's story

Feltham Community Chaplaincy Trust

This was Abdul’s second time in prison within a year. He was desperate not to come back the first time around, but he made a series of choices that landed him back inside.

Accepting a mentor

This time he was determined to get some support and accepted the offer of a mentor from the Community Chaplaincy without hesitation. He met his mentor at Feltham and built a great relationship with him, meeting him a number of times in the prison. Abdul was then transferred to a different prison, but due to the strong relationship built up with his mentor, and the mentor’s dedication, they regularly met there and corresponded through letters.

Preparing for release

Abdul’s mentor spent time contacting his family and discussing how best to support him when released. His mentor also provided information on courses he could take once back in the community. Both Abdul and his mentor recognised that the first few weeks after release would be crucial and the mentor was keen to ensure that Abdul had all the support he needed during this period.

On release, Abdul was met by his mentor and with his support reintegrated with his family and the community. It’s been a long and sometimes difficult journey, but now Abdul is working part-time and studying at college, he has full family support and has high hopes for a better future.

He gave me self-worth, helped with debt, came along to important appointments, supported me with good advice when I asked for it.