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Working with volunteers

The work often relies on volunteers who give their time to support those who are seeking to make a fresh start after leaving prison.


Celebrating volunteers

The work of Community Chaplaincy depends on the good will and expertise of the teams of volunteers who provide so much of the mentoring and support provided.

All this hard work DOES NOT GO UNNOTICED!

In recognition of the commitment made by volunteers, the CCA:

  • issues certificates to mark annual anniversaries of volunteering
  • organises events celebrating the role of volunteers.

Many community chaplaincies rely on volunteer mentors to carry out their work

Mentors come from all backgrounds and all ages:

  • Some have worked in caring professions others are students.
  • Some volunteer because they or a family member have experienced criminal justice first hand others are motivated by faith to help those in need.
  • Mentors come from all faiths and none.

Volunteer mentors:

  • Meet the client in prison
  • Build relationship, listening and responding to needs
  • Support him/her at the gates on release
  • Help identify barriers to training and work, and support him/her to take opportunities
  • Support him/her to find realistic ways of overcoming difficulties and achieving goals
  • Encourage her/him to enjoy life, giving and receiving from the community.