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Strategy 2021

Our strategy - 2021

The CCA seeks to use all of its development, improvement and representation resources to ultimately impact on the experiences of prisoners and their families and build stronger inclusive communities.

Strategy 2021


The CCA has worked with the Cranfield Trust to develop 3 strategic goals for 2021 to support its members and fulfil its role in the sector.

1. Development

  • Suppporting new projects
  • Encouraging diversification both within our member organisations and within the wider network
  • Actively recruiting new members
  • Ensuring that we retain our existing membership
  • Collaborating with other organisations to support our membership

2. Improvement

  • Sharing best practice
  • Facilitating buddying between our members
  • Networking
  • Sharing and promoting training
  • Encouraging partnerships

3. Representation

  • Understanding members needs
  • Representing members in faith, voluntary and charity sector¬†and statutory settings

Strategy document 2021

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2021 strategy document

A Partnership Approach

The CCA recognises local faith communities and local resettlement prisons as key partners in the delivery of its strategic development aims.  It works in collaboration with the wider criminal justice faith voluntary sector, including the Welcome Directory, Prison Chaplaincy and Probation teams.

Community Chaplaincy Statement of Faith

The foundations of community chaplaincy are derived from faith based principles.

  • Faith informs and motivates the work of CCA and its projects. Faith is the belief that no one is beyond help and the belief in the transformative power of hope, compassion, forgiveness, perseverance and patience.
  • Projects recognise that faith is a protective factor for communities and individuals.
  • The CCA recognises all faiths, harnessing and supporting the resources of single and multi-faith communities to work in response to the needs of prisoners and their families.
  • CCA projects support clients of all faiths and none, believing in the intrinsic value of each human life. They respond to those who wish to explore faith but are not intent on proselytizing.
  • The CCA believes that it is only when there is opportunity for change, transformation, renewal and restoration, that justice is fully served in the detention of prisoners. It is a valid distinction that CCA is multi-faith and diverse but our members can be single faith.