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Jason's story

Jason’s story

Peninsula Initiative South West Community Chaplaincy

Ian, our Community Chaplain first came to know Jason in 2009 when he attempted to commit suicide in one of the Devon prisons. His life was only just saved through the prompt intervention of prison staff who cut him down.

Referred by the chaplaincy team as one needing extra TLC, Ian spent some time getting to know him, gaining his confidence and instilling a degree of hope in him. Jason was eventually transferred back to mainstream prison life and Ian arranged for him to do some midweek courses with the chaplaincy team.

Jason is a born worrier and gets confused over dates and details. As well as providing one-to-one support, Ian started to work towards helping Jason put practical things in place ready for his release. This included liaison with the Offender Supervisor and his Offender Manager. As Jason was due to return to Wales, Ian made a link with Prison Fellowship (PF) working with ex-offenders in that area, and arranged for them to visit him whilst in prison. Finding somewhere for Jason to live was the main practical issue to deal with and Ian asked PF to check out the situation with the Local Authority. Finding that there was the possibility of council housing available, Ian checked matters out with the Prison Offender Manager and, there being no objections, liaised with the accommodation referral team in the prison to get the ball rolling. The day of release arrived and Ian met Jason at the gate, accompanying him to the station and showing him how to change the travel warrant he had been given into a train ticket. Ian made sure he was on the right train and that PF volunteers were waiting to meet him on his arrival in Swansea.

The latest news is that Jason will shortly get his own flat with the Local Authority. PF continue to provide him with support and Ian also keeps in touch to encourage him and check out that things are going OK. He is also working closely with PF as they support Jason in his search for work.

Finding somewhere for Jason to live was the main practical issue to deal with.