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April 2018

New data protection regulations

Members attended a Peer Support Meeting on 20th April 2018 at the Prison Reform Trust Buildings in London with Guest speaker Nick Swain a certified GDPR specialist. We had a very informative day.

The changes to GDPR will come into effect on 25th May 2018.

Download the CCA GDPR Guidance (PDF document)


January 2018

Community Chaplaincy Volunteer Recognition Event

16th January

We were proud to welcome volunteers from across the network to receive their recognition awards in London on 16th January 2018. We heard about the variety of work they undertake from administration and accounts to mentoring high risk complex cases and prison pick-ups. We know that their commitment and generosity have a huge and lasting impact on the lives of the men and women they support.

Well done to Youthshift International, Wandsworth Community Chaplaincy Trust and Futures Unlocked.

After lunch together we participated in a thought provoking workshop looking at overcoming judgements and broken situations, and had an opportunity to reflect as a group on the strengths and the needs of the network in the coming months.

We would like to thank all those who attended and especially send our congratulations to those who received awards.

CCA volunteers


November 2017

Launch of Community Chaplaincy Research Report

We are delighted to share the full research report conducted by the University of Cambridge. The report looks at how Community Chaplaincy helps enable desistance from crime and is entitled 'Seeing a New Future'. The report was launched to an audience of 50+ delegates from across the sector with additional speakers including Bishop James Langstaff and Anne Fox from Clinks. To read the full report please click here: Seeing a New Future

October 2017

Peer support meeting - London

It was great to meet for peer support in London. As well as having many well established projects in attendance it was also a pleasure to see several new start-up projects join the group. One of the challenges faced by projects at the moment is delays in the prison clearance process for new team members - the CCA will be taking this issue forward with HMPPS. We had some productive workshops discussing key themes facing Community Chaplaincy.

The topics we looked at were:

1.Best practice in sustaining engagement with clients

2.Volunteer management

3.Meet urgent resettlement needs

4.Raising local awareness

Notes can be download as a PDF file by clicking here


September 2017

Peer Support Meeting - Manchester

This meeting was held at Greater Manchester Community Chaplaincy where we got the chance to see a number of the organisation's projects in action including their new training kitchen and their Qualify For Success project.

It was great to catch up with developments across all the member organisations represented. We had a very helpful workshop on sustaining positive mentoring relationships led by Jackie Oglethorpe of Futures Unlocked. We also had a facinating presentation from Rosemary Lane of Greater Manchester Community Chaplaincy about what her organisation has learned about becoming sustainable and reamining true to core values.

July 2017

Community Chaplaincy Visioning Day

We had a well attended and productive Visioning Day. We were grateful for valuable insights from Duncan Shrubsole of Lloyds Bank Foundation and from Jane Dominey of Cambridge University. Community Chaplaincy Members agreed on the following priority areas for us to move forward on as a network:

i. Facilitate discussion on efficient use of resources in through the gate work and travel to prisons

ii. Engage more with trustees of member organisations

iii. Raise profile within prisons – with governors, chaplaincies and through prison website

iv. Provide profiles of different Community Chaplaincies in weekly newsletter – highlighting their specific areas of work and areas of innovative practice

v. Make more use of technology inc. Skype meeting discussions & online forums

vi. Raise profile of Faith

vii. Raise our collective voice through joining campaigns eg. on access to housing

viii. Provide more information for volunteers and service users

ix. Address operational questions about delivery of mentoring and resettlement support

June 2017

Update from Impact Project Officer

"Everyone involved in community chaplaincy believes that what they do makes a difference. But how can they prove it? That’s the question I’m here to help projects to answer. Since I started at the Community Chaplaincy Association in March this year, I’ve talked to quite a few people working for very different projects – and found approaches to measuring impact is different too.

There are different ways to measure the impact the work community chaplaincy is having. Many projects collect case studies – stories of individuals who have benefited from the mentoring experience. Many community chaplaincies also use databases and record facts and figures such as how many people have been helped, how much time mentors spend with people, and outcomes. I’ve been looking at the iizuka system, a bespoke version of which is currently being used by seven members.

I’ve been told that when projects are busy offering practical support, it is difficult to think about recording what we do. It is especially difficult to record how the support we offer people has contributed to changes in attitudes and behaviour. With the help of some wonderful individuals and projects, I have created some documents around using iizuka and in particular about measuring ‘internal’ changes in behaviour and attitudes. Iizuka data shows that mentors deliver a wide range of support that is linked to diverse outcomes including housing, employment, family relationships, and how they feel about their own self-worth and sense of hope for the future.

Please do contact me if you have not already done so to explore how I might support you with your impact measurement, either through using the shared system we have developed or with any other enquiries about tracking outcomes. I look forward to hearing from you."

Nada Savitch,, tel: 07419 357511                        

June 2017

Welcome to new Network members

We are always pleased to welcome new members to the Community Chaplaincy Network. This month we welcome the following new members to the Association:

Restart - this is a supported housing project run by Saltbox for people leaving prison in North Staffordshire. They have recently set up a chaplaincy support service for their tenants and have taken the step of becoming Full Members of the Network.

Out There Supporting Families of Prisoners - this project provides holistic support to families of prisoners in Greater Manchester. We welcome them into Associate Membership.


March 2017

Community Chaplaincy Peer Support Meeting

A useful and productive day which included welcoming a number of new members to the network and sharing updates on progress of each project.

We had a very insightful presentation from NPC on changing roles for the voluntary sector in criminal justice – details available here:

We discussed the Peace Education Programme and opportunities for using this kind of material to enhance our support:

We welcomed new CCA staff member Nada Savitch who is supporting members with impact measurement – she can be contacted at:

We also received an interesting presentation from Prison Voicemail about their phone messaging service to prisoners and their families/friends


March 2017

Women's Projects Forum

Every six months we hold a meeting specifically to share experiences amongst those Community Chaplaincies supporting women in the criminal justice system. We held one of these meetings on 7th March and were pleased to have two guest speakers: Joy Doal from Anawin and Lucy Baldwin – author of ‘Mothering Justice’. The forum was a great opportunity to hear about the particular challenges and opportunities in supporting women and to discuss how we may do more to support each other in this work. Lucy Baldwin has produced a helpful presentation entitled ‘Responding to the Needs of Mothers in and After Prison’ – if you would like a copy of this please get in touch. Also, if you would like to be added to the email group for women’s projects please email

February 2017

'Experts by Experience'

The CCA is keen to support and promote user involvement across the network and has recruited a team of 'Experts by Experience' to enable this. We were delighted to take up the opportunity to visit the WYCCP service user forum in Leeds and ask them about their experiences of being released from prison and what they would like to change or see improved. Access to housing was the main issue that was raised, as well as increased job opportunities and improved access to ID and bank accounts where they often experienced obstacles. The support from the Community Chaplaincy was highly praised and they could not thank their workers enough.

See here for a full write up

December 2016

National Volunteer Recognition Event

Congratulations to all 16 volunteers who received awards at this national recognition event for Community Chaplaincy. The day's activities included music from Changing Tunes, a research summary from Cambridge University and an interactive workshop. You can view pictures of the event here: photos

November 2016

Peer Support Meeting

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us at the recent Peer Group meeting at Futures Unlocked’s lovely new café and gallery in Rugby. The meeting provided a helpful space to share recent experiences within Community Chaplaincy and learn more about each other’s projects.

We spent some targeted time looking at how we might support more cross-area work and have agreed to introduce a concise initial referral form for the CCA website to make initial enquiries easier for new referrers. This will be developed over the next couple of months so if you have ideas on this please do get in touch.

We also had a facilitated session exploring approaches to supporting people with their spiritual and faith needs. This was a very encouraging workshop with lots of examples of good practice being shared and will feed into a wider piece of work being developed by the CCA on this topic.

October 2016

Northern regions joint conference with Prison Chaplaincy

Thank you to all those who joined us at this useful and productive day in York alongside Prison Chaplaincy.

We had a helpful presentation from Ian Blakeman on Reform Prisons – a good summary of the content he covered is provided in this short film

Clinks also provided an update for us in which they mentioned the pilot project coordinating voluntary sector work in prisons that Peninsula Initiative Community Chaplaincy is involved in. More info here:

We were very grateful to Terry Wilcox for providing a helpful case study on the work of In2Out supporting young people leaving prison. Find out more here:

We also spent some time looking at the “Dos and Don’ts” of supporting people with their spiritual needs.

September 2016

Community Chaplaincy Women's Projects Forum

At this meeting we were delighted to welcome Clare Jones and to hear her presentation on Women Centred Working. It was also very helpful to hear a report back from Peninsula initiative Community Chaplaincy on the regional and national research they have been undertaking on services for women.

It was agreed that this forum will meet twice a year with the next meeting scheduled for 7th March at which we will invite another guest speaker. Two pieces of work developing from the meeting are: develop a menu of options for fatih groups to get more involved in supporting women; and investigate ways of improving referral proceedures across the network.

July 2016

Desistance Research Project - interim report published

We are delighted to share with you an interim report from the University of Cambridge on how Community Chaplaincy supports desistance from crime. The report includes a concise and informative over-view of the factors required for desistance. It then goes on to define Community Chaplaincy – recognising its diversity as well as its underlying common threads.

The report explores the congruence between the approach of Community Chaplaincy and the principles for desistance-focussed practice. Reassuringly, the report states:“Early findings from Phase One of the research indicate a good fit between the work of community chaplaincy and the principles for desistance focussed practice”.Some key areas where Community Chaplaincy enables desistance have been identified – these are:

·The relational dimension of Community Chaplaincy

·The ability to build trust and sustain hope – often coming from a faith-base

·The value of having a non-statutory support service and the different dynamic that this brings

·The skill and experience of Community Chaplaincy teams in providing flexible and holistic support

·Personal qualities of mentors such as reliability, kindness and maturity

You can view the document via this link: Desistance Research– it should prove a useful resource for your teams and with other stakeholders. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in contributing to this research – we look forward to seeing how this research develops in its next phase which will involve tracking mentor/mentee pairs over time.

July 2016

Feedback from national peer support meeting

We had a very productive day at the national peer support meeting held in the Esmee Fairbairn offices in London. We had really useful presentations from: Paula Harriott of RDA, Tamar Good from Step Together and Tariq Mahmood of HMP Whitemoor. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues from across the country and share experiences. If you would like a link to Google Drive to view the day's presentations please email

June 2016

Rollout of training resources - part 2

Great to see continued interest in the new training resources for mentors at our second roll-out session in Birmingham on 21st June. We are now encouraging those who have attended the course to let us know when they plan to deliver the new materials. We are offering ongoing support through the process of embedding the new materials.

April 2016

Launch of Community Chaplaincy training programme for mentors

We have just launched the new Community Chaplaincy training programme for mentors by running a train-the-trainer event for the network. Thank you to all who participated in this hugely enjoyable day.The course consists of 6 interactive modules each about 2 hours in length covering an introduction to the sector and key aspects of being a mentor for Community Chaplaincy.Here is what some network members said about the materials:

“Absolutely excellent material. It covers everything needed to understand mentoring in a creative, visual and impacting way”.

“Excellent training manual for mentors. Very valuable resource tool.”

“It provides some clear ways of putting across the information and skills needed to inspire and equip mentors.”

We are asking that before members use the materials that they attend one of the train-the-trainer sessions. We are keen to run another train-the-trainer day soon so please click reply to this email if you’d like your name to be added to the waiting list for this. We will arrange the location of the training to suit those putting their names forward.

March 2016

Joint Chaplaincy Conference

The residential conference of Community Chaplaincy and Prison Chaplaincy was a great opportunity to build working partnerships and hear updates from leaders in the sector. Our focus was on how we could work more closely together to enhance resettlement support for people leaving prison. We were delighted that Andrew Selous, Minister for Prisons, Probation and Rehabilitation, was able to open the conference. We also heard drom Clinks, Working Links CRC, the NPC, University of Cambridge, HMP ISIS, the Welcome Directory, Dr Tariq Mahmood and Prison Hope 2017. If you would like to read a full report of the event please request a link to the google doc by emailing

28th Jan 2016

Peer Support meeting at HMP Leeds

Summary of event:

This week’s Community Chaplaincy Peer Group was a great opportunity for projects in the north of the country to gather together to share good practice and strengthen working relationships. One of the discussion themes was on what could be done to improve cross-area working – with a suggestion that the CCA website could start displaying referral criteria for each organisation to increase understanding of what would make an appropriate cross-area referral. Does your organisation have a clear set of referral criteria that you would like to share? Are there other ways in which you think cross-area work could be strengthened? Please share your views by reply to this email. We will also be looking at this topic further at the residential conference on 9th-10th March.

A highlight of the peer group was a training session from Ed Hollamby on ‘Achieving Excellence in Mentoring’. Ed is also progressing well on combining Community Chaplaincy resources to create a shared training programme for us. He hopes to get a first draft ready by the end of February. If you still want to contribute to this process – please send materials to

2 Dec 2015

Prison Chaplaincy & Community Chaplaincy joint resettlement conference - Southern Regions

This was the last of a set of 3 conferences taking place over the past year bringing chaplaincies together from different parts of the country to focus on key issues in resettlement from prison. We were privileged to have John Wiseman with us for the day - John is CEO for two of the Working Links CRCs and also Chair of a Community Chaplaincy. John helped us to understand how we could work effectively with the new probation structures and adapt to a changing environment. We also had the opportunity to hear from Bob Wilson about the Welcome Directory which will equip faith communities to be more inclusive of people leaving prison and joining their communities.

Shared training resources

Report from working group

The working group for developing shared training resources met on 24th Nov. The group which included representatives from 7 member projects, agreed on the following direction for this initiative, with a target delivery date of April 2016:


1. Identify which training themes are organisation specific and which apply across the Network

2. Develop a one day training course that covers the key shared modules applicable across the Network, combining the best resources from different member projects with some fresh input.

3. Train up people from across the network to deliver this training course to volunteers.

4. Trainers who have attended the course will then be able to open up their sessions and share them with volunteers from across the Network. This will increase capacity to quickly train up potential mentors to a high standard.

5. Ongoing support will be provided to those delivering courses to ensure a clear and consistent message is given.


By taking this approach we celebrate the diversity of member projects in delivering organisation specific materials, but focus on the core areas that can be better achieved together. Examples of shared modules could include the likes of: Understanding the needs of people in the Criminal Justice System, Mentoring Skills, Measuring Change, Boundaries, Safeguarding and Confidentiality.


October 2015

National Peer Support meeting

This was a productive day with many familiar faces as well as new network members. We spent time catching up with developments accross the network. We tested the new Internal Change measurement tool. We also got to know about the organisation Hope Into Action. For a full report of the day click the link here: Summary of Peer Support day

July 2015

Visioning Day

This was a great opportunity to look at how we can best meet the needs of people leaving prison in the next 3 years. Our Keynote speaker was Juliet Lyon of the Prison Reform Trust and we were also addressed by Jane Dominey of the Cambridge Institute of Criminology. These speeches were followed by a series of workshops which helped us identify some key action points to address over the comming months. To read a full report of the day click the following link: CCA Visioning Day report

May 2015

National Peer Group feedback

We has a very useful discussion on how we can work within the new commissioning structures that are being established as well as complement them with added value services. View our discussion document here: CCA Paper

We also discussed the new Impact Measurement system that with NPC's help we look forward to making available to the Network shortly- info here: NPC

Other notes of discussions can be found here: Workshop feedback 14th May 2015


March 2015

Midlands regions joint Prison and Community Chaplaincy Conference

It was great to gather together with Prison Chaplaincy for this regional event. Huge thanks to Futures Unlocked who were able to provide a useful case study for this meeting and bring along some key local partners from the CRC and IOM.

Mike Kavanagh, Head of Faith Services for NOMS helped us to think about the Unique Selling Points of Chaplaincy when talking to CRCs. He also focussed on our role in enabling Desistance - looking at areas including: resilience, narrative, identity and rituals to recognise progress. Community Chaplains

Dave Wood from Metanoeo encouraged us to think about how the Desistance research should affect the way we support people - looking at the nature of relationships established and how best to facilitate change.

In a session just for Community Chaplaincy, Matthew Devlin (CCA Chair) got us thinking about how Community Chaplaincy may need to adapt to new systems introduced by CRCs. He suggested we focus on the 'Added Value' aspects of Community Chaplaincy. Now that all people leaving prison will receive supervision and core services, we may find less of a need to step in to provide for immediate needs. Whilst we may still play a role as an important advocate in areas such as housing, we may see our role becoming more focussed on supporting longer term change and walking alongside people while they build new attitudes and find a new sense of beloinging to the communities they are returning to. CC Adding Value to TR


January 2015

A growing network

It is great to see the Community Chaplaincy network growing and expanding so that it can support even more people in 2015. Over the last year we have seen a 39% increase in numbers supported as compared with previous figures - meaning that through the course of 2014 a total of 1959 received mentoring from the Community Chaplaincy network.

This month we are delighted to welcome Making Connections at HMP Send into Associate Membership as well as a new Start-up Community Chaplaincy beginning at HMP Ford. It has also been good to see an increase in individual membership of the CCA. Currently CCA members serve approximately 40% of the country's Resettlement Prisons and our goal is to see this coverage increase to 75% in the next 3 years.

7th Nov 2014

Prison Ministry Conference

It was great to meet so many people interested in getting more involved in Community Chaplaincy at our stall at the Prison Ministry conference. We looked at 4 key ways of getting involved:

- as a volunteer

- setting up a new Community Chaplaincy

- joining an existing project to the network

- becoming a faith partner

For more information email


13th October 2014

Prisons Week launch

The CCA is delighted to be a sponsor and committee member of the national Prisons Week campaign. This year's launch was held at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, and speakers included Andrew Selous, Government Minister for Prisons, Probation and Rehabilitation; Fiona Bruce, MP; and Rt Rev James Langstaff, the Bishop to Prisons. Please watch this year's Prisons Week film here: #BuildingHope in Panvista on Vimeo

7th Octover 2014

Community Chaplaincy Peer Group Meeting

Great to see so many people at the Peer Group. The evaluation forms were really positive about the day and we look forward to planning the next one.

Social Investment

May 2014

Peer Support meeting - resources now available

A really productive network meeting - resources now available at links below:

Forming a Consortium , Unit Costing - Peer Support 14May14 , community chaplaincy KE May , 2014 , Poem

March 2014

Residential Conference a huge success

The joint conference with Prison Chaplaincy was a huge success with fantastic speakers and lots of productive joint working across the two organisations.
The Fergus McNeil interview can be found at:
Please click the following links to access the power point presentations:
BiC Presentation
Desistance translating theory into practice
Multi Faith NBR

March 2014

Community Chaplaincy Theory of Change

The Community Chaplaincy network has been working on a new Theory of Change to describe it's aims and approach. After a very useful workshop of people from around the Network, the draft Theory of Change was piloted at two member projects and will be officially launched at our national conference on 24th-25th March. Not only will the Theory of Change help us be clear about why we do what we do, but it will help us focus on the outcomes we are looking to achieve and how to quantify these.

Thanks to NPC for enabling this.

January 2014

Proceeds of Crime Funding for Lives Released

Lives Released (based in Lichfield) have been awarded a grant from the Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner's Proceeds of Crime Fund. The grant will be used to expand the project's work into Tamworth.

PCC Matthew Ellis stated: "Tacking the root causes of crime that lead to re-offending through exciting projects like Lives Released is absolutely crucial. The evidence is clear that reducing repeat offending, and in some cases 'breaking the cycle' which is often generational, really works, not just in the short term, but for years to come."

For full news article see:

Dec 2013

Clean Slate Launch a big success

Clean Slate, our new Community Chaplaincy member working with HMP Holme House has just had their official launch. They were please to have over 70 people attending this event from a range of faith and secular organisations.

Dec 2013

Walsall Peer Support meeting

This was a well attended and very useful event. As well as our established members attending we were pleased to welcome new members from Lincoln and Yellow Ribbon, as well as others in the sector including Life Keys and Restart.

We looked at Volunteering Best Practice, Transforming Rehabilitation, Desistance and Partnership Working. We also had the pleasure of having a guest speaker from CAP talking about their debt and money support services.

Sept 2013

Footprints joins the network

We are pleased to welcome Footprints to the CCA network. Footprints is a well established project supporting ex-offenders returning to Dorset, Poole, Bournemouth and South Somerset areas. For more details about Footprints' services see their website:

July 2013

New Leaf Partnership entertained by David Cameron

Guests from the Thames Valley Partnership and New Leaf were treated to a rare viewing of the PM’s official countryside retreat, which was offered by Mr and Mrs Cameron to help support and highlight the work of the charity ...

Read the Bucks Herald article and see the Thames Valley Partnership article

July 2013

CCA National Endeavour

Matt Wall joins us as National Secretary in August, and together with Matthew Devlin, hopes to visit each of the projects within the following 2 months or so to learn and to share ideas particularly on plans to be ready for the changes initiated by the Government's Transforming Rehabilitation initiative.

May 2013

CCA National Endeavour and National Secretary

We are pleased to announce that the J Paul Getty Trust have joined the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Sir Halley Stewart Trust as funders for our National Endeavour.

This funding can be seen as a recognition of

  • the effectiveness of Community Chaplaincies across the country
  • the importance of finding new ways of working together to meet the considerable opportunities and challenges ahead presented by the Government’s new initiative
  • the added value provided by a strong national association.

We were delighted by the response to our recent advertisement for the National Secretary role. We have just completed interviews with a number of very strong candidates and we will be able to announce further information shortly.

October 2012

New Members

A very warm welcome to two new members of the Community Chaplaincy Association: East Yorkshire and Humberside Community Chaplaincy, working in HMP Everthorpe; and Associate member C2C Charitable Trust, working in the Northamptonshire area. Find more information, including contact details on the projects and partners/associates pages, respectively.

August 2012

West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy Project

West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy Project has been successful in securing three years funding from the Big Lottery to pay for a volunteer co-ordinator and resettlement co-ordinator.

June 2011

NOMS Article features Community Chaplaincy

NOMS highlights Community Chaplaincy in the South West in their article on mentoring, written for Volunteer's Week (1-7 June). Read more here.

March 2011

Extent of Community Chaplaincy revealed

Statistics gathered by the Community Chaplaincy Association (CCA) reveal that during 2010 no fewer than 1,354 ex-prisoners were supported by Community Chaplains across the country. This support was provided by 50 paid staff and 487 volunteers working across 18 projects from Durham to Cornwall. Read the full article here.

February 2010

Swansea Community Chaplaincy Project

'The Swansea Community Chaplaincy Project (SCCP) were successful in gaining funding through the European Convergence Programme of COASTAL which commenced in August 2009. Following the start of the funding two Outreach Community Chaplains were recruited to start in September 2009. The Project has now become fully operational after an 18 month funding battle. To date SCCP have supported 45 individuals (since Sept 09) in preparing them for release and supporting them in the community post release for a 12 week period. All of the indivuduals supported have completed an Open College Network accredited course to assist in becoming economically active. Thank you to all those who have supported the Project during our time of uncertainty.'

August 2010

Sussex Pathways

Sussex Pathways have secured funding to appoint a Project Manager to lead, develop and sustain the work of mentoring people released from prison into Sussex.

January 2010

Peninsula Initiative Community Chaplaincy

The Peninsula Initiative is appointing a Youth Community Link Officer to work with young people who are or have been in custody in HMYOI Ashfield (near Bristol) or HMYOI Portland (Dorset) and are returning to Devon, Cornwall or South West Somerset on release. The YCLO will support them in prison and through the gate post release, linking them in to supportive local community networks in their own area. The post is generously being funded for three years by the Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales.




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