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Currently 55% of those imprisoned are reconvicted of an offence within one year of release (MoJ), and for short term prisoners the figure is 73%.

There is a growing body of evidence that Community Chaplaincy delivers results. Several projects report statistics indicating that client re-offending rates have halved with good support.

The Community Chaplaincy Association’s mission is to support and facilitate the development of a united network of local Community Chaplaincies. Our members are local Community Chaplaincy projects across the UK. Associate membership is offered to other organisations with similar aims (subject to membership criteria). We currently have 24 operational member projects which provide mentoring services to over 2,000 people leaving prison every year.

Theory of Change -
We have outlined our approach to supporting people in this document: CCA Theory of Change

Impact Measurement - We have developed our holistic way of measuring outcomes and have a case management system to record this. We have also appointed an Impact Project Officer to support members around measuring their outcomes. Blog article

Training Resources - We have a six module training programme that can be used to train up new mentors working within Community Chaplaincy.

Desistance Research
- We are working in partnership with the University of Cambridge on a research study looking at how Community Chaplaincy contributes to desistance from crime. This will be published in November 2017. Blog article

Peer Groups and Forums - We run regular national and regional peer groups for members to share experiences and develop good practice. We also hold a Forum focussing specifically on the needs of women in the Criminal Justice System

Weekly Newsletter - Members receive a weekly e-newsletter with updates accross the Network and wider sector.

User Involvement - We have a team of 'Experts By Experience' and are developing a strategy to promote further User Involvement accross the network.

case study

Peninsula Initiative Community Chaplaincy

Jason's Story

Ian, our Community Chaplain first came to know Jason when he attempted to commit suicide in one of the Devon prisons.  His life was only just saved through the prompt intervention of prison staff who cut him down.  Referred by the chaplaincy team as one needing extra TLC, Ian spent some time getting to know him . . . Read the full story here


case study

Futures Unlocked

Tom's Story

Tom spent 21 months in prison for Burglary and Theft and this wasn't the first offence he had committed, in fact he was heavily involved in crime. Tom wanted out, he wanted change and a new life.

Tom's mentor, Melanie visited him in prison several times before he was released and they built up a good mentoring relationship. Tom was picked up from prison on his day of release, settled into the accommodation arranged for him and taken food shopping.

From his day of release things went from strength to strength for Tom, with Melanie's support, he gained full-time employment and stayed out of trouble. After his tenancy ended, Tom moved out of the area securing his own long-term accommodation and full-time employment. At the time of writing, he has been out of prison for 18 months.


case study

Feltham Community Chaplaincy Trust

Abdul’s Story

This was Abdul’s second time in prison within a year. He was desperate not to come back the first time around, but he made a series of choices that landed him back inside.

This time he was determined to get some support and accepted the offer of a mentor from the Community Chaplaincy without hesitation. Read the full story here.



case study

West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy

'How does Community Chaplaincy help? In lots of ways!'

“He gave me self-worth, helped with debt, came along to important appointments, supported me with good advice when I asked for it, came along to a flat view, spoke with me around my future training options.  WYCCP have helped and supported me in a way no-one else has, also lots of the right info.  I liked being around everyone.  I have problems getting along with people at the best of times and I can’t fall out with anyone at WYCCP.” Read more about how people feel they have been helped by West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy project.

key aims

Business Plan 2017-2020:

We want to see supportive communities being made available for all who seek to move away from crime.

We will bring our members and other organisations together to widen and deepen desistance support across the country.

We will achieve this through the following goals:

  1. Develop partnerships to increase reach
  2. Promote a culture of learning and continuous development
  3. Raise national profile and reputation of Community Chaplainy
  4. Develop key quality standards for the network
  5. Evaluate and develop the CCA's effectiveness as a network organiser


To see our full business plan please click here: CCA Business Plan 2017-20





Our Funders:

We are generously supported by the following Trusts:

* Garfield Weston Foundation

* Sir Halley Stewart Trust

* Allen Lane Foundation

* Tudor Trust